Softeligent Is the Solution That Is Revolutionizing TTCM

We are all about automation and a paperless system for managing telecom expenses. Since 1987, our telecommunications consultants have been helping enterprises reduce telecom expenses and streamline business processes. As a result, in 2001 we developed Softeligent, formerly known as TRIWatchDog™, which is a hosted total telecommunications cost management (TTCM) solution that is revolutionizing the industry.

Softeligent is owned and operated by Telecom Resources International, Inc. (TRI), an independent telecommunications management and consulting firm and member of the SCTC (Society of Communications Technology Consultants). TRI is privately owned and still managed by the original founders.


We are Saving Enterprises Thousands of Dollars on Telecom & IT Expenses

Throughout the years, we have worked with many highly recognized companies in various industries and our results have been positive. We have consistently been able to save our clients thousands upon thousands of dollars on their telecom expenses. Some of the industries we have served include health care, auto, government, utilities, transportation and education.

We offer managed services and technology solutions that help companies automate business processes, turning paper into electronic data, and manual processes into integrated systems. We reduce telecom invoice processing by 80% and create efficiencies that reduce costs up to 50% for mid to large enterprises. Our company also automates business processes dealing with department cost allocation, account and services inventory, and provisioning for wireless, voice, data, Internet services and other utilities.

Put your enterprise back in control by implementing Softeligent.

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